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After the incessant and remarkable journey of 9 successful editions of GGJS, Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show and Gujarat Ornaments Wholesale Jewellery Association (GOWJA) jointly organise one-of-a-kind tenth edition of Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show(GGJS)-2020 on 10-11-12 January 2020, for the first time accommodating 1000 stalls.

Friends, with a view to offer more and better than before, following positive and affirmative efforts you felt so far, we have worked out a dedicated team, best management and unique approach so as to offer you more and better in the forms of new opportunities, new visitors, new exhibitors, innovative jewellery, state-of-the-art technology and latest jewellery. This show will enhance your experience and add memorable moments to your visit in addition to the comprehensive response and benefit.

In context to our experience of nine years, we observe the constant demand for stalls and an increase in exhibitor's numbers also. We have also witnessed the increasing trend of business-friends as visitors from across the nation. All these indicate just one thing that GGJS, for all types of manufacturers and wholesalers, is nothing but an opportunity to meet all of them together at a single place-single time ensuring business network and golden opportunities to speed up their businesses.

So what are you waiting for ... just pay your visit to GGJS-2020 with 1000 stalls and get more and something distinctive. Also, explore the new business horizons and reap the benefit.


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The Exhibition and Convention Center will spread across 45 acres with a carpet area of 11,00,000 sq feet. This enormous area will house 15 exhibition stalls with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to lavishly organize international conventions and conferences.

With a high load bearing capacity of 10 tons/sq. m, the 7-18 meters high exhibition halls are ideal for live demonstration of heavy machinery and can also be converted to double-storey booths. The premises include a media lounge, protocol lounge and control room. It also offers parking facility to 10,000 cars and the authorities have planted over 500 trees around the premise for environmental conservation.



GSRTC Bus Stop, Gandhinagar                      2 Km         

SVPI Airport, Ahmedabad                             18 Km           

Kalupur Railway Station, Ahmedabad         27 Km  

NH-1 Experss Highway Junction, Ahmedabad    31 Km


Date: 10th to 12th January,2020

Registration Hour : 09:30 am to 05:30 pm

Show Hour :  10:00 am to 06:00 pm



Helipad Ground, Sector - 17

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Entry From Gate No. 8


[ venue location ]

The Exhibition Centre, Helipad Ground, Sector-17, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, 382016


GGJS hosted events of panel discussion at 9th Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show in Ahmedabad on 4th January 2019. The first was on “Going Beyond Smart Inventory Management” which was conducted by Mr.Divyesh Shah – D.S.Consulting and the other one was on “Current Scenario of Gold Jewellery & Future Predictions” which was conducted by the following panelist: Ashish Pethe (Waman Hari PetheJewellers), Gaurav Anand (Anand Jewellers), Jayant Raninga (Pure Jewels), Piyush Seth (Reliance Jewels), Salil Khurana (Khurana Jewellery House), Saurabh Gadgil (P.N.Gadgil), Tanya Rastogi (Lalal Jugal Kishor Jewellers), Piyush Shah.






[ Knowledge Seminar ]

World Gold Council hosted a panel discussion on gold policy at Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show in Ahmedabad on January 5, 2019. The topic was to bring gold policy back on the table. Technology has evolved so much that gold can be traded digitally without its physical movement.

The discussion was started by Mr. Somasundaram, PR of World Gold Council, that the aim is to recycle the Rs2,50,000 crore worth gold jewellery being used by Indian citizens to increase employment and strengthen the jewellery industry, and also added that this could be done by setting up mandatory hallmarking, gold refinery and assaying centre.

Surendra Mehta debunked certain myths and fear regarding the intervention of spot exchange in gold and jewellery trade once the gold policy is active. “The exchange will not monopolies gold trade. Only jewellers would buy and sell on the exchange’s platform.

Highlighting the focal points of the gold policy, Somasundaram PR said that a gold assaying institute in IIDGR Mumbai, jointly funded by the various jewellery associations of India, namely the bullion federation, hallmarking association, GJF and GJEPC, will help better the staff training quality. “Bullion banking and Make in India are the other two features. Gold mining is the next stop for Indian where the industry has to unite. The last aim is to facilitate gold jewellery innovation centers,” he mentioned.

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