We regret to inform you that due to unavoidable circumstances GOWJA and GGJS has decided to postpone the GGJS 2017 Show. We will inform you new dates once decided.

We are sorry if any inconvenience caused.

Thanking you for your Cooperation.


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About Show

The 8th edition of Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show bringing to gather manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and industry professionals looking to establish relationships within the Gujarat, other part of India and come face to- face with elite buyers in this highly lucrative market. This will be a one stop B2B jewellery exhibition in the state. This would be comprehensive trade show in India as visitors will be invited from different part of the country.

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GGJS is well planned well executed and spacious. It is a complete show covering all aspects of the industry from ornaments to machinery to security solutions.
GGJS is now an immovable spot in every jewellery retailer's calendar. The audience here is so aware and involved it is west India's finest B2B opportunity.
The Gem & Jewellery industry is a highly fragmented industry . India's consumption for jewellery has grown rapidly in the last few years. The overall acceptance and popularity of the Gujarat based craftsmanship have increased significantly for owning something unique and different
The Jewellery Industries of Gujarat has got its own significance in India. The GGJS show has given jewellers from other state a reason to visit Gujarat for opting the jewellery products with the finest quality. GGJS has been proving its entity as an ideal platform for traders.
Organizing GGJS Jewellery Exhibition is very remarkable beginning of the jewellery Industry of the whole of Gujarat.In past, this event has proven booster for the small and big jewelers for exploring their skill, products, vision and knowledge. In coming days GGJS event will certainly attract all the jewelers among the india to participate or to attend such exhibition to get updated about the industry.
I have been a witness of all GGJS shows, and can see that progress & development taking place. Such Shows are truly beneficial to the people, who cannot attend national or international shows, by getting an idea of the different products available in the market. In my view, GGJS is complete show which shows the strength of Gujarat.
Gujarat is on an extreme progressive path in all the segment since last decade , the role of jewellery industry is much more , therefore the Jewellery shows organized by the GGJS is play vital role to develop the jewellery industry by providing better designs and quality of products.
GGJS has been proved to be very helpful for the exhibitors and the retailers of Gujarat. it has provided an open oppprtunity for everyone opting for the best products in the jewelry industry.
For jewelers like us, GGJS is a perfect opportunity in disguise. It helps patrons from across the industry not only to showcase their exclusive and unique collection of gold ornaments, but also becomes a bigger and better platform for retailers and visitors to interact
Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show a “GOLDEN FLAGSHIP EVENT’’ of western India to explore business opportunities At large, we congratulate to unveil their success year after year. The show brings ample business opportunities to Manufacture, Wholesale, Retailers and all other Stakeholder of the Jewellery trade.
Gujarat is known for jewellery making and the workmanship of local karigars. GGJS and GOWJA have grown over the last five years, and the show, which is part of the Vibrant Gujarat Initiative, will attract more attention from the jewellery industry in Gujarat and throughout India
I hope and believe, in days to come, organisers with all their glory, grandeur and goodwill to their credit, will bring in more active participants from around the country generating more volume of business
The Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show-2016 is GGJS, GOWJA flagship event and it has evolved into a strong jewellery sourcing platform for the Indian as well as for the international gem and jewellery industry. Event like Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show showcase the potential of the gems and jewellery industry across the globe.
We presume that such Exhibitions will bring sellers & Purchasers on to a Platform & hope that it will be definitely help both to a maximum extent. Gujarat is one of the Major cities for exploring Jewellery
The forthcoming 3-day B2B exhibition that will showcase a virtual treasure trove of a very large variety of jewellery thru participations of jewellers not only from different parts of India, but also from several other countries, will provide an excellent opportunity to the jewellery manufacturers, Wholesalers and Traders to make new contacts and increase their business multifold both at domestic level as-well-as global level.
Events like GGJS showcase the potential of our industry and ever growing domestic market for gold jewellery. I appreciate the organizers commitment and determination to take this B2B show to greater level with each passing year where one get the exposure to a host jewellery products ranging from new-age products to most advanced machineries / technologies in the industry.