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The 9th edition of Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show bringing to gather manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and industry professionals looking to establish relationships within the Gujarat, other part of India and come face to- face with elite buyers in this highly lucrative market. This will be a one stop B2B jewellery exhibition in the state. This would be comprehensive trade show in India as visitors will be invited from different part of the country.

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What I found and liked the most about GGJS is the collection of finest jewellery which I have not even seen in south India or other places. The jewellery are such a wonderful pieces of designs that will tempt the visitor to buy this. Apart from this Gujarat is considered to be the role model for rest of the India so definitely whosoever buyers participating in GGJS would by all means take the art to their region. I wish organisers of GGJS and participants a good luck.
I have come to GGJS not only as a visitor but as a guest also. Looking to the present scenario, the standard which I have seen in GGJS is of international Standard. The Jewellery collection here is a combination of modern and traditional art. People from luknow, Madhyapradesh,Uttarakhand and across the country are a part of GGJS right here. Such sort of B2B arrangements should take in future also as is proving as stepping stone for the growth of all who are participating. This is proving oxygen to the jewellery section and with no doubt I found it well organised and wish them all the best.
I came here for the first time but I am feeling extremely good visiting GGJS. We like the kundan jewellery of Ahmedabad and Rajkot not also like the jewellery from Junargarh. If I consider GGJS as a sales point of view and looking to the potential of Gujarat, more and more people should be invited from North as they are not much aware about such wonderful jewellery as till now they have established their market in Mumbai an Delhi only. Since its first visit of mine, I don't want to compare but unlike good shows I have seen, it is better than that.
I have visited multiple shows in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata but to my surprise, The GGJS show left me with amazing and memorable experience of my life.The exhibition area was quite big with enough space allowing greater convenience. It was indeed a great moment to have received the greeting speech by loveable Gujarati Community, during the show and I found the people very amicable. Though it was the first time of our participation in GGJS, We really found it up-to-the mark and convey our best wishes to GGJS brand to earn the name as the best business platform that it deserves. And since it was Gujarat-centric show, we wish to have more visitors across India
Since I came here for the first time, my expereince is very good. So far business part is concern, South and North India is always look upto Gujarat as manufacturing units are here. I even came to know that such shows are also going to be organised in Surat and Rajkot, People who want to update themselves and to keep pace with trends of business they should go. I will also be visiting these shows.
This is my first visit to GGJS show but what I feel is very tempting. I have also experienced and seen the modern jewelleries and ornaments using latest technologies. I also happen to see the Kundan and pulki speciality of Gujarat not only in affordable and premium quality range but variety also. Participants and visitors would have chance to see the complete range of jewellery from low weight to heaviest one. Platform like GGJS is a source or media for rural businessman also who can be updated with the latest technology and ornaments made from this, so that he also can develop his own business. So what I believe is, the shows like this should happen and in more numbers and frequency also.
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Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Centre Nr. Helmet Circle, 132' Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat INDIA.